“This is the century of women. Humanity misses the feminine impact. Let’s get involved, let’s get involved in the cultural, social, economic and political world!” – Chantal Faida

Faida Mulenga-byuma Chantal is a young women’s rights activist, philanthropist and blogger. Married and mother of two adorable children, she is the 4th born of eight siblings.

“Before I die, I have an obligation to make this world better than I found it.”

Very early on, while pursuing her studies at the Université Libre des Grands Lacs where she obtained her degree in economics and management in 2011, Chantal had managed to overcome her lack of self-confidence by becoming a leader. young people.

She thus became deputy student spokesperson and coordinated the inter-university committee of North Kivu students at the end of her university studies in 2011.

“The young African is divine. The fact of motivating him, showing him, reminding him that he is divine, and that changing Africa will only be possible when he believes in it, and when he takes a step towards this much-desired Africa. , she will come to him.”
Florian Amaru
poet, philosopher and writer

Political career and future prospects

In 2011, she decided to pursue a career in politics and joined the political party ADR Alliance for Development and the Republic in which, thanks to a continuous exercise of improvement and coaching, she was able to impose her leadership and quickly climb the ladder. .

In 2018, she is one of the provincial deputy candidates for the city of Goma. Although not elected, Chantal did not bow down and continued to influence and represent young people and women in her city of Goma and the country at various bodies.

Indeed, in August 2016 she chaired the 1st Regional Congress of Young Women Politicians which is made up of a remarkable network of more than 200 young women politicians from the DRC.

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“Le travail d’équipe est la capacité de travailler ensemble vers une vision commune. La capacité de diriger les réalisations individuelles vers les objectifs organisationnels. C’est le carburant qui permet aux gens ordinaires d’atteindre des résultats hors du commun.” – Andrew Carnegie

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